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About CFCC

Who We Are

Central Florida Choreographers Collaboration (CFCC) provides a platform for artists to collaborate, network, and explore the process of making art in a positive, safe, and neutral environment. Local artists are encouraged to develop their craft even as they train the next generation of dancers in a grassroots and organic environment. Essentially, CFCC makes it possible for homegrown Florida dance artworks to emerge from the ground up.

Passion with Vision

Founded in 2019, CFCC has already provided dozens of emerging artists a place to choreograph, perform, and experience art, transforming lives and opening doors to new creative collaborations and job opportunities. Our vision is to expand and positively impact thousands of local artists.


We exist simply to provide freedom and opportunity in the creative process. Our goal is to create opportunities to meet up and collaborate with other artists, choreographers, and dance professionals by providing a group of bodies to set work on. Choreographers will also have the opportunity to show their work in small to large functions as well as film.

A big part of this vision is choreography and compositional education by exposing all collaborators to different processes by which a piece is composed, not only for the choreographers but the dancers and other artists involved. Though not required, feel free to bring your own dancers and students so that they may become familiar with the incredibly elaborate and involved process of making dances. Exposure to other choreographers, teachers, & artists fosters a more holistic education for the dancer.

While we all have our own local hub where we work and play, CFCC aims to remain flexible in different spaces throughout the Central Florida area frequenting places such as Orlando, Tampa, Ocala, the Villages, Gainesville, and beyond. If you are interested in hosting in your area or want to learn how you can be a part of current or future projects Contact Us.

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